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Arts and outdoor opportunities in Kodiak
Star Rating - 11/16/2011
Kodiak has excellent access to outdoor recreation like hiking, fishing, hunting, berry-picking, mountain biking, four-wheeling, and kayaking. Also a golf course and a ski chalet. The scenery is incomparable with lush plants and TONS of wildflowers in summer, rocky fjords and beaches, and tall spruce forests. It is an island too, so most places have an ocean view.

Also the community is quite active civically and there are a good amount of arts offerings for a small community: Arts Council productions (with many of the same shows who come to Anchorage), local choirs, orchestra, bell choir, school music programs, local theater, dance companies, art classes and studios for many different mediums--fiber, photography, glass, jewelery, quilting and crafts guilds. And there are lots of arts shows of different themes--both seasonal and arranged by medium. A pretty friendly town and quite good schools and excellent critical-access hospital as well.

I love Kodiak and think it is a fabulous place to live, however there is a price to pay with higher cost of living, climate and isolation from the road system. Also--you must be okay with rain, however Kodiak is not as cold as people normally think Alaska to be. Our snow comes and goes in the winter, with periods of dry ground and rain here and there. It isn't just frozen all winter long like much of mainland Alaska, and we don't plug in our cars.
Beeg | Kodiak, AK
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