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Hawthorne, CA
Star Rating - 5/24/2006
Our city is appox. 6 sq miles in size. Our neighbors are very friendly people. In our city we have many different types of housing. The only thing that I don't like about my city is the fact that we have to many sexual predators in our neighborhoods.
Julie | Hawthorne, CA
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The only thing ???!!! That's a pretty large negative aspect right there !
Robert | Milwaukee, WI | Report Abuse
- 8/22/2021
Hawthorne as a place to live.
I lived there. Hawthorne is a ___hole. Crime, Drugs, Unemployment near 12% and, they can ...
MARGARET | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 7/6/2008
West Hawthorne: A Little Gem in LA's South Bay
Great multi-cultural, family-oriented little enclave of Hawthorne called Wiseburn. Has a n...
Pamela | Hawthorne, CA | No Replies

- 1/10/2007
Not a fan of Hawthorne
I wouldn't recomend anyone raise children here. The weather is about as mild as anywhere i...
Patrick | Hawthorne, CA | No Replies

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