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Star Rating - 5/5/2009
We have lived in Quincy, MA for over 20 years. Cost of housing is a bit lower than other Boston close-in suburbs. Public schools are OK, but could be better. Quincy has good access to public transportation. Crime is relatively low, but illicit drug use is increasing, which is fueling an obvious increase in crime. City government is typical for Massachusetts - slow to respond and strongly influenced by patronage.
Jerry | Quincy, MA
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- 6/20/2016
Merrymount Elementary reality check
Where to start? The principal shouts rude things at parents and students and she often lie...
James | Quincy, MA | 1 Reply

- 12/18/2014
the Culture of QUINCY
Quincy is a seaside community and has an approximate population of 90,000 people. Settled ...
peter | Hull, MA | 1 Reply

- 10/25/2010
Quincy MA
Not a very bike friendly city but if you are willing to driver there are biking spots nort...
Thomas | Quincy, MA | No Replies

- 5/10/2007
Good place to live
clean city and close to beach...
Maomi | Quincy, MA | No Replies

- 3/15/2007
An OK place to live
Quincy's access to Boston is good but is an old city and a bit crowded....
KK | Quincy, MA | No Replies

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