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If you aren't from Minnesota, you will notice a di
Star Rating - 4/15/2016
Minnesota natives are so rude. They will just look at you with their mouth open instead of replying. The Norwegian roots make these people have a culture all their own. Clerks in stores never say hello or thank you, they just look at u with their mouth hanging open...won't even tell you the total. This place is not for friendly people! The liberal mindset is out of control and there are rainbow flags in front of churches. People try their hardest to avoid neighbors, some even never said hello after 6 years! No one holds doors open, but if you do, they will never say thank you. Just very self centered. Also, the people will try and say it is the smartest state too...
Sam | Hopkins, MN
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- 6/27/2018
Challenging place, but possibly worth it.
Disclaimer - yes I am a transplant, from another smaller midwestern city. Minnesota is not...
Michael | Minneapolis, MN | 4 Replies

- 6/6/2018
VERY, VERY, VERY underrated
I absolutely LOVE this city! And would put this in my Top 10 cities in the country easi...
Justin | Nashville, TN | 2 Replies

- 5/2/2018
It’s probably you not them
Having read the negative reviews of Minneapolis residents, I can say the poster’s should t...
Reggie | Duluth, MN | 1 Reply

- 4/24/2018
People are friendly and polite, lots of activities
I love Minneapolis. People are usually quite polite and friendly (different neighborhoods ...
Karen | Eden Prairie, MN | No Replies

- 1/3/2018
Where dreams go to die
I completely agree with all the negative reviews about this god-forsaken state/city. I ...
Jason | Duluth, MN | No Replies

- 10/25/2017
Weird People
It's pretty cathartic reading the other reviews and realizing I'm not only one super uncom...
Brian | Minneapolis, MN | 1 Reply

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