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stay as Far Away as you can youve bee warned
Star Rating - 4/6/2019
i have lived here all my Life and it is time to leave the good and the bad and the happy and the sad with that said its its all the bad and the sad i have nothing positive to say about Depressed mentally ill Anti social Unapproachable Drug Addicted Gun crazy Riot Marching Portland Oregonian Culture most either suffer from a Mental illness or Heroine addictions while meth runs rampant through out alot of the portland households depression can be seen within the majority of the population 70% of Oregonian women tend to have Nasty disconnected close off Anti social dispositions in general and usually come with an obesity problem friendships are a Facade 90% come and go and move on. Oregonians in general only speak to each other when its Business related or to bring another person down and bash them behind there back vs face to face then you have the 300 days of rain per yr. so if you want to live isolated secluded life style without making friends like living within a prison system minus the outdoor Activity stuff plus downtown concerts etc. and always remember the next Oregonian standing next to you is just there to compete against you for the same things with the individualism mindset will not make eye contact nor mutter a single word like zombies with plastic smiles then come on up here
Justin | Gresham, OR
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First the gun people would be the ones saving yer butt.. usually a conservative. you wont find them beating on people or in a riot.. those would be the liberal so called anifa.. the ones trying to shut down free speech and beating and presenting guns in there photo ops. so you can forget about who they are I live here to . they are the left.. period. yo dont like oregon ? me either.. the drugs were not allowed here by conservatives that would be the left. they homeless? those are so well taken care of .. i mean the left have created that to and treat them like crap.. yet still want there vote. Individualism? thats what makes america great er did .. you see the left took that and created a Marxist atmosphere in the 70s ..when people cred about each other they would talk with one another ,,what the liberas did was create hate within the community HOW? start telling on people instead of confronting and helping them..the left crested the NARC .. that stopped many peolle from wantinhg to get to know your neighbor. in the60s and 70s we used to go on poicnics and ask people if they wpid like to play a softball game we got to care b=about one onother that way .. community .. now? its antifa. liberals did this .. and they are doning even worse thinghs right now that MOST people in oregon have no idea its happening.. wea re onthe verge of massive taxes.. 16cent increase in gas , home taxes , they put in a transit tax most people dont even know they pay .. they snuck it in. but there is more .. so the only reason oregon and the west coast is CRAP is BECAUSE OF LIBERALISM PERIOD. IT FACT. 40 YEARS OF DEMS AS GOVERNOR AND SUPER MAJORITY LEGISLATURE. AND YOU WANT THE GUNS GONE? YOU MAY NEED THEM ..
R | Newberg, OR

Moved to Portland from East Coast, have lived in bigger cities and rural area as well. Every place has it's pros and cons. The main problems here are similar in many cities - rising cost of housing & drug addiction (normally referred to as "homelessness"). Drug addiction is a national problem that existed but started getting worse in the 80's when Federal govt started removing funding for State mental hospitals etc. Drug's have also evolved and gotten cheaper. The problem is everywhere but glaring in cities where people flock for resources that don't exist in say a small town... without treatment people will stay on the streets. So now that our govt. has ignored the problem for decades it's much tougher to clean up & rebuild social safety nets. We have poured money into "war on drugs" and none into treatment / prevention. "Just say no" is not policy or practical. It's not a failure of "liberal" or "conservative" city government. Supporting treatment will go further than building more walls on Southern border for example. Every city / place has pros and cons. Are there places in Portland I don't like to go to or wouldn't want to live - yep but lot's of places that are great also.
William | Portland, OR
- 5/30/2019
Portland gets MY 5-Star Review! GREAT city!
After living in Texas hell for 20 years I moved to Portland, Oregon. It felt like I moved ...
Randy | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 4/30/2019
Portland...the cesspool of the Northwesthwest!
I've lived here now almost 30 years. This place has slowly declined to be one of the WORST...
Eric | West Haven-Sylvan, OR | 1 Reply

- 4/25/2019
Take time to love Portland
Portland still has the small town feel and makes you feel like you're in a community. The ...
Anthony | Portland, OR | 1 Reply

- 2/23/2019
Over 30 years the place really went downhill.
I moved in 30 years ago to a lovely 1907 home in a quiet, close-in neighborhood. It remin...
Thomas | Happy Valley, OR | 4 Replies

- 2/22/2019
Keep Portland Weird but Beautiful!
I've lived here for many years and loved it! Could I afford to purchase a home here today...
Kat | Beaverton, OR | 2 Replies

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