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Bunch of whiners!!! The high desert FTW!
Star Rating - 8/23/2018
I'm so sick of all "This isn't the Victorville or High Desert it was back when I grew up here in the 80's or 70's!" reviews and comments on local online community forums. Newsflash! This WORLD isn't what it used to be ANYWHERE! Time changes every community. I moved up here in 2005. I was SO excited about my BRAND NEW home and kids blue ribbon award winning school and the fact that living in a much more affordable area I could afford to stay home with my kids.

Then I made the mistake of reading all the comments on every news story involving crime in the online paper news site. With each one I read from commentators stating how HORRIBLE this place has gotten. My kids were in grade school and I read horror stories about the middle school they'd be attending. "There are fights every day. Including parents fighting students in the parking lot and lock downs almost on the daily because its TERRIBLE." I was beside myself. I sold my tiny little house in Rowland Heights to move up here. Mind you the neighborhood I came from wasn't the best by any stretch of the imagination but it wasn't this horror! I cried. OMG we made such a mistake! But as the time passed my kids attended school and we had ZERO issues. Not in their school or my neighborhood. (Brentwood) which the commentator dubbed "Brenthood." All the comments would mention drive bys, burglaries like EVERY day. Yet I lived very peacefully in that neighborhood for over six years. Only reason I moved was because I lost my house when the market crashed. Oh and the middle school I braced myself for. (Hook middle school) NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM with either of my kids. Were there fights and occasional lock downs? Yes JUST like there were in my Los Angeles schools when I was growing up. Were my kids traumatized by any of them? No like me it was a rite of passage and we've all been there and seen it. Yet, these commentators are HORRIFIED like they NEVER experienced a schoolyard fight. o.O

I've since moved to another (older) neighborhood behind Holy Innocents church. I've been here now for years and in that time the only drama we've seen is the house across the street burning down due to some faulty electrical stuff.

I LOVE my home with a pool and beautiful landscaping that would cost over a million down the hill. I LOVE my quiet neighborhood. I ride my bike in the morning and walk my dogs and the only drama I've every experienced is when God forbid a cat runs out and my HUGE dogs go nuts.

Yes, there is crime up here like there is EVERYWHERE. We've experienced our share so I'll be perfectly honest. We had our SUV broken into in our own driveway ONCE and they stole the change out of the ashtray and the radio. This same SUV was broken into in Rowland Heights and the third row seat was stolen. We also had an edger stolen from the side of the house. This is within a THIRTEEN year time frame. My husband has FORBID me to read all the negative comments on the local news forums and such. I'll read the stories in the news because I want to stay up to date but all the negative comments I just roll my eyes. I've been here too long to know they're just TOTALLY exaggerated or these peeps keep staying in negative situations and why they keep experiencing this sh**.

Jobs. In the thirteen years I've been here I had to go back to the job force when I lost my home. I got a job in the cellphone retail store for one of the bigger wireless companies and while my base pay wasn't ANYWHERE near my base pay down the hill, my total take home each month was more before I kicked a$$ in sales and my commission checks were awesome. I then decided to go after my dream and became self employed but it's gotten tough so VERY recently I've been searching for jobs. I can tell you there are a TON. Mostly retail which I'm holding out on FOR NOW, but there are school districts and banks, big insurance companies, lots of credit unions, Dr. Pepper, Dwight and Church and Costco who it seems is always hiring and pay well. I'm holding out for no retail and already got a callback from a bank. So there are PLENTY of jobs up here.

In the high desert you live above the clouds, with clear skies (which is why my asthmatic soccer playing daughter got rid of her inhaler) and have the opportunity to own the home of your dreams! Don't take these whiners words for it. Come up and hang out and see how many drive bys and all out riots at the mall you experience. In my thirteen years here. ZERO!

OH,oh! And the weather! You get EVERY season. Freezing, mostly flurries but sometimes snow in the winter. Beautiful bright springs. HOT summers but they're short and it's very windy so makes it more bearable than say Laughlin or something and then my favorite cozy autumns that lead right into my MOST favorite time of the year, the holidays when my fireplace stays on until spring!

I wish I could post pictures. I'm not trying to sell a damn thing. I just love my simple life in the high desert and HATE all these HATERS who clearly attract negativism. You definitely get more bang for you bang here WITHOUT all the BS that all these posters try to get you to believe it's an every day thing!

Eli | Victorville, CA
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