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Dual Income Needed (or near six figures total)
Star Rating - 8/27/2011
The area is beautiful - living in the Blue Ridge Mountains is gorgeous. But .. the views don't pay the bills. Housing is overpriced. You are better off living off-the-mountain and commuting. Jobs are scarce. ASU is it and good luck trying to find a staff/admin job. Most of the staff/admins are related or grew up together. Small town, low wages, summer time invasion of Floridians, poor shopping choices (Wal*mart or K*Mart), over priced groceries. Closest "big shopping" is Hickory or Winston-Salem. Charlotte is over 2 hours away. So factor in the fuel costs and it gets real expensive real fast. Great place for going to college -- four years and you are out.
Bp | Boone, NC
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