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USED to be a wonderful place to live!
Star Rating - 4/9/2007
I've lived in El Dorado Hills for almost 20 years and have seen tremendous growth, traffic & pollution. Since the latest development,"Serrano", was built you can add Bay Area transplants and their Hummers driving a few blocks to the local grocery store. There are a lot of rich, snotty residents, spoiled teenagers who drive fast in their parents fancy cars who all think they have their own set of rules and driving laws. Other than that, it is a beautiful area in close proximity to skiing, boating, wineries and the Bay area. If you don't mind being judged by the "village" you live in, you may love it here. I'm leaving as soon as my house sells.
Janice | El Dorado Hills, CA
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I agree with Janice. I've lived here since 1998 and have seen it transform. Serrano was the major player here and still is. The Parker Development people failed in their attempt to turn the public golf course into homes due to the depression in 2008 so that land has sat idle since then. Now, they want to rezone it for high density townhouses, apts., etc. so they can squeeze as much money out of the land as possible. The only thing that's going to do is turn this place into a zoo. I, too, am leaving as soon as my 95 yr. old mother passes. I'm moving out of California and all of it's craziness now.
Michael | El Dorado Hills, CA | Report Abuse
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