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Yuck'a Valley
Star Rating - 4/25/2020
Let me start by saying, I love the desert. Yucca used to be a sweet little town...but now that the city has allowed for many criminals to come in from other areas..a dumping ground, it has become an awful place to live. The beauty of the desert is breathtaking...but now it is a place that some low class individuals have moved to and there is trash thrown everywhere. The homeless and methed out folks have scattered shopping carts everywhere. One day we were driving around one low income area and we counted 40 stray carts. Not to mention the increase of graffiti. Because of the increasing number of undesirable people moving in, they had to close the Walmart earlier because of all the theft. The drugs is out of control. One neighbor stays up all night tweaking in his has turned into a completely sad place to live. I wish the people who were careless would just move away. Oh...and not to mention how bad people drive as well..I live in a family neighborhood and people drive 50 to 60 miles an hour down the road..and run stop signs. It is an awful place to live. Run..don't walk away from Yucca..I am moving as soon as I can..OUT OF STATE!
Urs | Yucca Valley, CA
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