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Stolen Moments of Peace
Star Rating - 9/10/2009
To be quite honest I came to Anderson with City Snobbery... "these hicks and their camping stores every 5 feet, damn john deer, redneck fools" etc. I was miserable without a decent mall or Starbucks for miles! I felt like there was no culture, that there were no intellectuals in my area. I was a snob.

3 months into living here and I could never move to another state... Anderson, set inthe foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is picturesque in some places. We have a scenic highway, a great experiance around sunset or sunrise. We have Lake Hartwell which is a great place to bring the dog and enjoy the surrounding nature. It is peaceful without being remote, and it is fun without being dizzingly busy.

The weather... oh its beautiful in the fall! Having moved from New York, to Massachusetts, then to Florida before settling in Anderson, I know my fair share of varying weather! Anderson has the vibrant colors of a Massachusetts Autumn, the crisp cold air of New York in the winter without the snow [although on the rare occasions we do see a night of snow :) its magestic]. The summer has the sun beam of Florida, without the suffocating humidity; the type of summer that promotes outdoor ativity! When it rains the air tastes like sweet nostalgia... the weather alone could keep me here :0)

Social/Night Life... If you know ehere to look there is ALOT to do! Are you a bar hopper? PLENTY of them around! Like to play pool? Chiefs is a great spot along witha few others. Like to camp? There is a KOA campground by Lake Hartwell. Like sports? We have a rec center as well as softball/baseball leagues. Enjoy eating out? What are you in the mood for?! Italian theres a few major pizza places [Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns] and there are a few great pizzarias like NY Pizza and Pasta Inc and Peoples Choice. Mexican Food more you style? El Patron is a big mexican joint here in Anderson, with a few of them scattered around our Electric City, along with other Mexican resturants. Japanese food get you drooling? We have a large Japense Steakhouse, as well as a few Japense cuisian, Thai, and Chinese places. Like taking the kids/pets to the park? We have parks scattered around anderson. A personal fave of mine is the park at the Civic Center... theres a large pond/lake that has an assortment of ducks, so bring some bread! We have two movie theaters, and the mall is closest to the AMSTAR theatre. Enjoy plays and musicals? We have a handful of theatres that have shows playing each season. We have clubs and gentlemens clubs as well, just google!

A people person? Try to meet people with the same interests as yourself! This can really help you meet new people when you move to the area!

A Shopper? Though our mall is smaller than most major cities, it still has what you'd expect: A JCPenny's, Dillards, Victoria Secerts, etc. If you enjoy a great deal check out the Jockey Lot; its the largest flea market in SC. You can get a great deal on fruits, veggies, animals, collectibles, clothes, shoes, stereos... you name it and you'll probably find it. I found a cd of just Motown hits... and a cd of Frankie Valli! Make a weekend of it and stay at the local Quality Inn on North Main, its one of the closest hotels. There are lots of consignment shops in Anderson, and by the way... for those comic collectors our Planet Comics is a hodgepodge of readings... hentai, anime, marvel, dc, posters, figurines, etc.

If you love nature, and are looking for a few stolen moments of tranquility, Anderson is for you. Just leave your prejuidice behind.
Samantha | Anderson, SC
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