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Hope you like confederate flags!!
Star Rating - 3/3/2007
Don't move here if you're not a right-winged hypocritical bible thumper....i'm in a mixed relationship and am treated like a petting zoo....Not much to do for nightlife unless you go to a semi-dangerous redneck(wanna be hip-hop club)that rhymes with c.j. crispers.....If you go to a "black club" here you can expect random acts of violence....go to greenville for entertainment...if you're a family person there are two big, pretty nice theatres....oh yeah...and a huge flea market full of bootleg dvds, animals and knives. There is lake hartwell...however you can't each the fish you catch because the water has been long can travel to nearby clemson university to catch a football game....other than that it pretty much sucks...nothing but restaurants, banks, and gas stations....p.s. the mall is tiny.
john | Anderson, SC
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- 9/10/2009
Stolen Moments of Peace
To be quite honest I came to Anderson with City Snobbery... "these hicks and their camping...
Samantha | Anderson, SC | No Replies

- 7/3/2007
Generally moderate however like most of the country it is changing. Very hot and humid s...
Deanna | Anderson, SC | No Replies

- 5/10/2006
God's Country
Rural Southside Virginia..not much to do here....
Peggy | Chase City, VA | No Replies

- 11/8/2005
About Anderson
Anderson is a great place to live. We are half way between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta,GA. ...
Amber | Anderson, SC | No Replies

- 11/3/2005
Please tell me about Anderson, South Carolina
What is it like in Anderson? Inexpensive homes found in Florida Home Guide. What is the ar...
Linda | Davenport, FL | No Replies

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