Review of Anderson, South Carolina

Star Rating - 7/3/2007
Generally moderate however like most of the country it is changing. Very hot and humid sometimes and had frost in May this year.
Deanna | Anderson, SC
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- 9/10/2009
Stolen Moments of Peace
To be quite honest I came to Anderson with City Snobbery... "these hicks and their camping...
Samantha | Anderson, SC | No Replies

- 3/3/2007
Hope you like confederate flags!!
Don't move here if you're not a right-winged hypocritical bible thumper....i'm in a mixed ...
john | Anderson, SC | No Replies

- 5/10/2006
God's Country
Rural Southside Virginia..not much to do here....
Peggy | Chase City, VA | No Replies

- 11/8/2005
About Anderson
Anderson is a great place to live. We are half way between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta,GA. ...
Amber | Anderson, SC | No Replies

- 11/3/2005
Please tell me about Anderson, South Carolina
What is it like in Anderson? Inexpensive homes found in Florida Home Guide. What is the ar...
Linda | Davenport, FL | No Replies

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