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Long-term resident of San Jose
Star Rating - 1/9/2018
I grew up in San Jose. More specifically Cambrian Park (south-west). I graduated from Gilroy High School (moved to Gilroy in Jr Year). I lived in the greater San Jose metro area from 1966 - 2003. (with only a couple of exceptions).
The weather is fantastic. There is no comparison. Cold is when it hits the low 60s. Hot is when it hits the high 80s. Extremely hot is in the low 90s. Almost 300 days of sunshine a year.
Jobs are abundant. It is the heart of Silicon Valley.
Land prices are sky high BUT the average cost of living, not including housing, is only slightly higher than the average. The average income is one of the highest in the US so you might pay a lot for your house, but everything else is relatively cheap.
Crime. San Jose has had consistently the lowest crime rate for any large city in America.
San Jose is a giant suburb. Downtown is small. It is sprawling housing tracts, broken only by commercial areas. Even the industrial area is relatively small and quite clean, since the main industry is high tech.
I had a wonderful childhood and adult life there. I only moved away due to financial problems and my wife is from the Pacific North-west where I now reside.
Bruce | San Jose, CA
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Crime is high since prop 47 passed, 400% increase in property crimes. Over 3000 vehicles are stolen every month in San Jose. The police cannot hire enough to make their numbers. Call the police for anything other than a gun involved and they will not come. Crews come in from different cities to pull off crimes because the punishment is so lax.
Brendan | San Jose, CA | Report Abuse
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