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Star Rating - 4/12/2015
Left California in 2014 for the good life in mckinney tx. After living here for about s year, found out about the real cost to live in Texas. Yes, housing and gas are lower then CA. Everything else is about the same or more expensive. Healthcare is one of the worse in the country. What good is having a good economy like TX, if you can't take care of your peoples health. Car insurance is very high, groceries higher than CA for less quality. Pay is about one half less then CA. Traffic is horrible on 75,121,NDTR. The majority of people are not even from Texas. Im really disappointed about the lone star state that imports the majority of goods from CA. I will be moving back in June.There's no amount of money that can buy good weather like California.
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Uh? That makes no sense. California has a car tax, Texas does not. Electricity in California quickly rises to 31c/kWh. Texas is mostly flat at around 11 to 14c. There is no state income tax in TX. We saved so much money on not having to pay California income tax, I bought my wife a new car for Christmas with the money we saved just in taxes. If you are in McKinney, you should go to Baylor, Scott & White. Car insurance is cheaper in McKinney than Cal, and house insurance is a LOT cheaper (not for the basic policy, but because you don't have to buy earthquake insurance on top of it). The price of groceries is insignificant, yes, I've noticed wine in Texas costs about 50c more per bottle. I and my wife each made more money last year in TX than we ever did in 26 years in California. Traffic in McKinney is non-existent. Don't go on the 75 or 121 and you won't have a problem. I am from SoCal, my neighbors are from Chicago, LA, OC, Ohio, India, Europe, and Taiwan. So what? I save enough money on state income taxes that we could fly to California every weekend of the year, stay in a decent hotel, and still have more money in our pockets. Oh, and the greatest thing about Texas? I carry a gun.
Joey | McKinney, TX | Report Abuse
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