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Review of Franklin, North Carolina

Franklin is not for anyone other than natives!
Star Rating - 6/20/2011
Franklin will welcome you if you are a vacationer but move here and it is a whole different story. We are one of those families that would vacation here every year and thought it was a wonderful, friendly small town, a great place to live. We quit our jobs and spent almost all of our savings (which the community was more then happy to take our money when we bought property and built a house) but no one will even think about giving my husband a job. It is true if you were not born and raised here or know the cousin of the sister of the wife of the owner (you get the picture) then you can forget about getting a job. They will happily take your money but will not allow you to become a working member of the community. If we could do it all over again, we would definately not spend our money and build a home in Franklin, NC. Our dream we have been saving years for has become more of a nightmare!!
Bp | Otto, NC
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I agree that Franklin is not for anyone except natives of Macon County. I did get a job here after only a few months of being here, but then was treated like an outsider during my duration on the job. Several things that I said (such as mentioning a meadow behind my house) was looked upon with disdain. One of the co-workers pointed out that "we don't call it a meadow around here, it's a field. You must be from the north." Small town with small town mentality. Do not move here unless you are one of the 4 r's: retired, a recluse, a redneck, relative of someone already here. Nice place for weather, but the people are clannish.
Cindy | Franklin, NC | Report Abuse

You might want to check out other cities in North Carolina. Raleigh/Durham for one. I live in the Charlotte area. It is also very discriminating as far as finding employment, however, I have finally located a really good company to work for. Charlotte is a beautiful are, and there are many, many New Yorker's living here. You might want to come down the mountain and check it out.
Cyd | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse

Before moving to any location where you know that you are going to have to be employed to live,it is vital that you first, at least check out the job market, and if possible go ahead and secure employment. Of course this is a free country and any one can move where they please,''providing they can afford to,'' but as a general rule, I would advise folks who must work full time,or have older children whom must work, do not, I repeat, do not move to the area or areas where you spend your vacation time ! The reason, or rather reasons I say this are quite simple. Many of America's favorite vacation locations, are rural regions which besides often having unuqe geographic and or climatic features, which make these areas favorable to visitors, are in fact so favorable because of the fact that they are rural, and thus not extinsivly developed.As a matter of course, as the former visitors whom must have employment, move to their favorite vacation location, that location must be increasingly developed if for no other reason than to provide employment oppourtunities for those former visitors whom are now residents. It is almost a garuntee that the features which make a rural vacation area, vacation worthy,will either be destroyed or or greatly diminished once development in that area reaches a certain point.This folks is precisly what is happening right here in Western NC,and it is one of the primary reasons the natives here seem to have a problem with new comers; and when you look around and see what is being done to this place, I can not say I blame them for the attitude !
James | Franklin, NC | Report Abuse

We have owned property in Franklin for 10 years. True, we don't work there but, we spend several months of the year there and find the locals to be quite friendly. I guess, it depends on where you're from and what kind of attitude and expectations you bring with you. We love Otto so, If you are considering selling your property, let me know. we are now looking for a place with a little more creature comforts there.
Unknown | West Palm Beach, FL | Report Abuse
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