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Chalk and Cheese
Star Rating - 5/10/2011
I spent most of my childhood in Ypsi. If you are thinking of moving there on the basis of its close proximity to Ann Arbor - don't be duped. Ann Arbor is a lovely town and a completely different universe compared to the backward-retard-ville known as YpsiTucky. After more than 15 years there my entire family fled never to return. If you want to live in Ann Arbor, it's worth it, pay the extra costs!
Angela | Las Vegas, NV
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- 4/13/2010
Just ok
I have been in Michigan all my life. I was born in Detroit and moved to Ypsilanti to rais...
Bp | Ypsilanti, MI | No Replies

- 8/2/2008
Crime, crime everywhere
Ypsilanti appears to be a safe college town, but upon closer look it is evident that it is...
Michelle | Ypsilanti, MI | No Replies

- 12/19/2007
My life in Ypsi was wonderful. Worked at the Kaiser Frazer plant for 3 years My first born...
James | Palm Desert, CA | No Replies

- 6/30/2007
Ypsi is stuck and does'nt know how to pick itself
I was born and raised in good ole' Ypsitucky/ or/Little Detroit, depending on what mood yo...
Doreena | Apopka, FL | No Replies

- 2/5/2007
Cheaper to live than in Ann Arbor
Ypsi's major Employer is Eastern Michigan University. Although Ford has shut down, Ypsi to...
Mark | Ypsilanti, MI | No Replies

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