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May move to Montrose, Colorado
Star Rating - 9/12/2015
I currently live in Denver, Colorado and have lived here all my life with the exception of living in Houston, TX in the early 1970s.
My mother is from Montrose, Colorado - she passed away in 2013 at the age of 100. I miss her.
I have been contemplating moving to Montrose, Colorado. Have no family or close ties in Denver.
I made a trip to Montrose last weekend to scout out the town and look at some homes. The newer homes are gorgeous and so affordable compared to Denver.
Am having a difficult time trying to decide if I should move there.
Can someone shed some light on the living conditions in Montrose. I is a beautiful town, but am really afraid I'd feel isolated there as I'm not used to a small town without all the restaurants, shopping, etc.
Shirley | Denver, CO | Send Message
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- 6/23/2018
Not much to get excited about....
Too many cons, economically depressed area with few good paying jobs and high prices on el...
Fred | Montrose, CO | No Replies

- 6/23/2018
Visit- yes / live in Montrose- NO!
Montrose may be surrounded by great outdoor opportunities but that is only the real positi...
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- 2/14/2017
Sad State of Affairs
When I moved to Montrose 21 years ago, it was a growing, thriving community. Around 2008 ...
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- 1/8/2017
Here's the low down
I've lived here 14 years. Originally from California. I'm 43. I pretty much hate it. But I...
C | Montrose, CO | No Replies

- 7/17/2015
Best Cities
Montrose is a wonderful place to live. The economic downturn has been hard, and this area ...
Melissa | Montrose, CO | No Replies

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