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Crime is up
Star Rating - 9/12/2020
True the location is good, and during the Winters, it's really nice in St. Pete, but the Summers and brutally steaming HOT, and the St. Pete Police don't do their job very well here. We've lived here for over 10 years; and both of us wish we could reverse our decision. The Police and the Mayor have decided not to accurately submit the right number of crimes in the City, so the city data is incorrect; in our neighborhood we've had Car Burglaries, home break-ins, bums riding around our neighborhood on their bikes, unchecked, etc, etc. Our home value should be double what it is now, but because SPPD is lackadaisical in their job; we will lose about 100k on selling our home.
Dave | St. Petersburg, FL
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- 6/20/2021
Thank you to all who Invest in St. Petersburg!
I grew up here (1968). All the people who have posted how awful it is are not going to be...
Laura | St. Petersburg, FL | 1 Reply

- 11/29/2020
I'm Bitter Abt St Pete, But You Might Like It
I moved here because my fiance was going to school here and two rents didn't make sense. V...
Anastasia | St. Petersburg, FL | 2 Replies

- 3/30/2020
Crime Stats are under-recorded.
I don't like downgrading any City, but I need to make everyone aware of what this place is...
C | St. Petersburg, FL | 1 Reply

- 12/28/2019
Amazing, beautiful, progressive, growing city!
2 star review? Unbelievable. St Pete is exponentially changing. I moved here 2 years ago...
Jesse | St. Petersburg, FL | 5 Replies

- 10/12/2019
A nice place to move....from.
I lived in St Pete for 2 years, and it was a mixed bag. Visually, the place has a very bea...
steve | Albuquerque, NM | 3 Replies