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Amazing, beautiful, progressive, growing city!
Star Rating - 12/28/2019
2 star review? Unbelievable. St Pete is exponentially changing. I moved here 2 years ago from San Francisco and LOVE everything about Saint Pete. Low unemployment, affordable houses, excellent job market in Tampa Bay( I work in Tampa and it’s an easy commute) and 0% state income tax. Property tax is LOW as well as job growth projected higher than the national average.

When it comes to daily living, downtown is CLEAN. I never have any problems with crime and there are hardly any homeless people hanging around. Central ave has an amazing liberal, hipster, artistic, trendy, vibe you wouldn’t expect in a city in the “south”. People are simply kind here. I was shocked to realize my gym had no lockers, just cubbies, because people just don’t steal anything from there. People actually leave their wallets in plain sight and nobody touches anything. Meanwhile, everything was stolen from me in Cali, even when I locked it all up. :(

I work in the medical field and got a pretty high wage for my profession and it goes pretty far in Saint Pete with homes averaging around 200k. House is a 10 minute bike ride from the beach downtown or to central ave with tons of cool Kava shops, tattoo artists, local businesses, and a progressive mayor and city council. The growth downtown with a 3 million dollar pier and beautiful waterfront that can’t be beat. Businesses have made plans to invest a total of 8 BILLION dollars in Saint Pete. Downtown is going crazy. So, my advice, buy a home here now before housing goes through the roof in the best underpriced little liberal mecca in Florida! Peace
Jesse | St. Petersburg, FL
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This is the sort of hilarious, totally wrong review that makes me wonder if it was written by a realtor. St Pete liberal? Hardly. Pinellas county actually voted for Trump in the last election, and St Pete had a tiny majority favoring Clinton. After he was elected the place was full of all these red MAGA cap wearing yuppies high fiveing themselves and grinning like idiots, even in the grocery stores. It ain't progressive either. Please, this is so silly. Central Ave is just hipsters and yuppies. Period. And downtown Williams park has to have a 24 hr police presence to keep the homeless from tarnishing the city image. The Grand Central area is as close to liberal as St Pete gets, and the neighbors ran off wonderful coffeehouse that was there because it was an out front gay place. Seriously, they MADE them close up. How on earth could anyone from California, as this poster says they're from, call St Pete liberal? It's also very transient, wages are LOW, and it isn't the South in any way (this part of Florida is populated by Yankees and Canadian snowbirds much of the year, and nearly everyone I met there was not from the South). It's safe as long as you stay out of Southside, which is where the city has pushed all the Blacks, and the banks have red lined them from getting loans to start their own businesses. Just because the developers are building huge buildings for the rich downtown is not a positive. The city will not develop squat for seniors or any affordable housing, which is turning the place even more conservative. I tried to like it there, but as someone that is a real liberal, there was essentially no one to talk to, and the people are hardly kind or courteous like they would be in the real South because, surprise, they're mostly from the Midwest and East Coast. Anyone who thinks that those types are friendly and kind has been in one of them kava shops too long. Anyway, Kava shops and tattoo parlors do not make a city liberal and progressive!!!
steve | Albuquerque, NM | Report Abuse

Trying to figure out where I want to move after my youngest graduates high school next year to escape the cold (I'll still be relatively young at 41) and you all are making me really lean towards St. Pete! Biggest dilemma has always been that most warm places are super conservative, yuck, or super expensive like California. Thanks!
Jennifer | Minneapolis, MN | Report Abuse

Steve, Steve, Steve. First off, there is no right or wrong. These are subjective views. So to say Jesse's post is "hilarious and totally wrong" is short sighted. Second, I could no agree with Jesse more. I moved here from Denver for several reasons. People think Denver is so great. But St Pete kicks butt over Denver. When I say Saint Pete I am referring to the "bubble" area of St Pete; perhaps a 5 square mile radius. The rest of Pinellas county does not impress me. St Pete has everything I want. I moved away from Denver for several reasons: traffic, crowds, cold, snow, housing costs, too many hipster millennials that are self entitled, ugly landscape (brown and dirty half the year), ugly huge boxes pretending to be homes. So take the opposite of all that and you have St Pete. I we have a great art scene and brew pubs and coffee shops. progressive. always something to do. I few nights ago rode my bike to the bay at sunset and watched the dolphins breach and then played tennis under the lights; on a winter night. 70 degress. Fantastic. As I write this I am sitting on my porch in 75 degree weather listening to birds and watching lizards and butterflies mill about. Incredible. So for me St Pete is great. For you it is not Steve. Do us all a favor and leave if you hate it so much. The last thing people that love St Pete want is people living here, clogging the streets, that don't even want to be here and instead just bash it.
Scott | Denver, CO | Report Abuse
- 3/30/2020
Crime Stats are under-recorded.
I don't like downgrading any City, but I need to make everyone aware of what this place is...
C | St. Petersburg, FL | 1 Reply

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as a white non Hispanic 21 year old man I moved here after the military and this place us ...
Josh | Salem, IL | 1 Reply

- 10/12/2019
A nice place to move....from.
I lived in St Pete for 2 years, and it was a mixed bag. Visually, the place has a very bea...
steve | Albuquerque, NM | 3 Replies

- 4/6/2018
Don’t move to st.pete
I’ve been raised in st.pete all my life An I finally moved out of st.pete ...
Amber | Valdosta, GA | 1 Reply

- 2/2/2018
Not Quite What It Seems
St. Pete wants to present itself as a cool, hip liberal town that is 'open for business.' ...
Joni | St. Petersburg, FL | 4 Replies

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