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Phoenix Sucks compared to Tucson
Star Rating - 6/9/2020
Main St ,Tempe , Mesa, Van Buren , Downtown, Sh#@ Holes , Many Homeless and Drug Addicts ,Car Theft very High in Phoenix , Many unreported shootings and killings in Phoenix , Poor Medical and Dental Facilities in Phoenix , Most Tradesmen You'll work with in Phoenix are Underskilled compared to Tucson Workers
John | Tempe, AZ
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Just like with any other large city there is crime and homelessness etc. You are comparing apples to oranges between Tucson and Phoenix. Of course Phoenix is the Capital with 1.66 million compared to Tucson with 545,000 so more than a million people of course more crime etc. Regarding Tradesman depending what your looking for would be more of a opinion.
Brea | Phoenix, AZ | Report Abuse
- 7/3/2020
Don't move here
Phoenix is a dirt-bag city. I have lived in many other cities and this place was hands-dow...
Duke | Houston, TX | No Replies

- 6/16/2020
It is not the paradise you think it is.
I have lived here for 20 years and due to family issues not able to move. The pros - very...
Jessica | Phoenix, AZ | 1 Reply

- 6/9/2020
The desert is not all you think it is...
So you want to live in the sun, eh? Well, trust me my friends. You will change how you see...
Josiah | Littleton, CO | No Replies

- 5/21/2020
Save your money and stay out of red states
I lived in Phoenix for 10 years......definitely a sh!thole. I moved and tried Tempe, anoth...
Derf | Tempe, AZ | 2 Replies

- 3/10/2020
AZ is the best
Go Cardinals...
oof | Theodore, AL | No Replies

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