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Unfriendly folks
Star Rating - 5/18/2015
One thing I've noticed about the people in Cedar Rapids is most are unfriendly. People hear how wonderful and friendly Midwest folks are-well not here. If you wave at someone, there's only about a 20% chance the other person will wave back. Most of the time they'll just look at you. I ran into an employee outside at Walmart and I asked him how he liked the cold weather that particular May day. He said nothing and just looked forward. I thought "another friendly Iowan." Seems like most of the people have a chip on their shoulder. The vast majority of people don't use their turn signals. They are very inconsiderate drivers. Really they are just rude people here.
Jeff | Cedar Rapids, IA
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- 11/2/2021
Racist and cursed
Such a horrible place. The racism is too much. You cant even take a walk to the park wit...
Jon | Bismarck, MO | No Replies

- 4/27/2021
Great place to live, average place to visit. :)
I grew up here, moved away, came back to raise my family and have been back since 1993. I...
Kate | Cedar Rapids, IA | 1 Reply

- 5/30/2019
Hehe, I'm in 6th grade.
I want the people who live here to be happy, 5 STARS!!!...
Jocelin | Salem, OR | No Replies

- 5/24/2017
Avoid if possible
The streets here are TERRIBLE. Speed Scameras everywhere! People are rude! One way streets...
Scott | Cedar Rapids, IA | 3 Replies

- 7/13/2015
About transportation
I would like to share about transportation here in Cedar Rapids IA. here the service of tr...
Fudjo | Cedar Rapids, IA | No Replies

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