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Southern Oregon
Star Rating - 8/18/2015

You all know what I am referring to don't play dumb.
Southern Oregon or SO, the stepchild of the west coast, the duldrums of civilized Oregon, the ..gasp.. Fresno of Oregon!
But that's the common feeling, not mine.
Screw the snobs from both up north..PDX and from the south, SF..make them eat roadside blackberries and drink warm Rainier!

Question is this, please if you may..
Best place to work (decent wages without constant "performance" whippings) in Medford..White City, Grants Pass. Neither hard charging world beaters.."Were gonna crush it but first you all have to work 69+ hr weeks all through the holidays") nor .."duuhh whatever..I gotta pick my nose now"...workplaces. Somewhere sane and logical that allows a capable person with energy to succeed.

Wondering how a Californian..ME!..Hey hold your fire! I am well acquainted with the native Oregonians hatred, ("death to all things Cali") would fit in as a hard working, snob free attitude. I expect the same from my new neighbors... newcomer to the area.

Phil | Bethany, OR
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Stay in California. We are snobs and don't like self-described down to earth californians.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV
- 10/27/2019
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- 9/21/2019
Dirty, plain looking, but fun!
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- 4/3/2018
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- 2/15/2017
Good info
More up to date than other sites I have been using...
Julie | Henderson, NV | No Replies

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