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Mad City
Star Rating - 2/5/2017
Madison has a lot going for it: good employment ops., lots of culture, a little leftover hippyness to take the edge off and it's the capital. Living there, you get the feeling of close quarters. The U. though world class, has sort of taken over the city like a slow growing tumor. So, on week days driving or walking downtown is quite an adventure. Bike lanes seemingly spring up in roadways that would scare me to pedal through. Buses are convenient. Personally I like my U and City a bit more separated. Housing sure isn't cheap. Cost of living isn't cheap, at least for me. But, I'm a frugal frau. Occasionally there is a march on the capital. It can be quite politically inclined, a mix of everything. Medically speaking, you'll be in the pink. People come from far and wide to see their doctors. Also, on certain days you might be driving the Beltway (heavy traffic) but then you'll see some cows staring back at you from the U Vet School. It tends to put a smile on your face.
Wendy | Appleton, WI
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- 4/1/2018
Nice, but cold Easters, high taxes, very liberal
Madison offers quite a bit for a metro area of 600,000. It is like a small big city. But...
Randal | Verona, WI | No Replies

- 2/16/2018
Difficult Move From Blue State
Since they passed Act 10 in 2007 they have done away with collective bargaining and many ...
Jenny | Madison, WI | No Replies

- 1/22/2018
Very quickly becoming unaffordable.
I call it the most conservative liberal city in the US. After living here 35+ years I've s...
Christopher | Madison, WI | No Replies

- 12/22/2017
Pretty mid-sized metro area with pros and cons
This city would be on my short list if the winters weren't so long and cold....
Richard | Phoenix, AZ | No Replies

- 2/4/2016
nice college town
Madison is a mid sized city located in South Central Wisconsin. Some of the biggest employ...
Shirley | Sun Prairie, WI | No Replies

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