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Star Rating - 5/1/2011
Seems like it is very hard to find actual rates anywhere for any city. Most people have no clue how to read a utility bill and the utilities disguise charges. Well, in Pueblo West there are good and bad.
Garbage is done by private companies which makes it usually cheaper than most cities. I pay $15 per month but use my own container. The driver brings can back up to house when it is empty (not all companies do).
Electric is $8 service fee every month plus $0.13952 per KWH. That is higher than average of about 10 cents per KWH. For an average family it could mean $30 higher bill per month.
Water is supplied by Pueblo West and is about average at $7.95 monthly service fee plus $3.62 per 1000 gallons but rate typically increases for high usage. We use average of 5000 gallons per month. Most people use more than that.
Sewer on acreages is septic and very nice to have no bill for that. Septic systems are VERY easy and cheap to maintain and MOST situations of having to dig it up is simply contractors taking advantage of home owners ignorance. All it is is concrete and giant plastic culverts. there almost nothing to break and should not have to be pumped out more than once every 4 years IF THAT.
Gas is either Propane which is more expensive option or Natural Gas which is ridiculously high compared to immediate area and rest of nation. It has actually gone down due to so much uproar but still at $12.50 service fee plus $1.3638 per Therm. That is less than propane but not by much and most places including other areas serviced by same company are around $1 per therm. For example our April bill for march usage was $150, and based on therms used if we got same bill at previous location we lived at it would have been $100. You can imagine what December & January are like!!!

jon | Pueblo, CO
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There's a big difference between utility bills for homeowners on the north side of Pueblo West (north of Hwy 50) and the south side of Pueblo West (south of Hwy 50). I have owned homes on both sides, and the utility bills on the north side home were almost double what they are for my south side home. The reason is because of the utility companies providing service to the north side vs. the south side. On the north side, Black Hills Energy provides the electric service and Colorado Natural Gas the natural gas service. On the south side, San Isabel Electric provides the electric service and Xcel Energy the natural gas service. I own a much larger home on the south side and my utility bills are 40-50% lower than they were for the home I owned on the north side. My current utility bills are quite reasonable, especially when compared to the north side of Pueblo West, or even compared to the rental home I own in Colorado Springs.
Ben | Pueblo West, CO | Report Abuse
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