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Great weather, Dusty, Quiet but military noise
Star Rating - 1/28/2011
It can be windy but far from how bad most people make it out to be. Have lived hear many years and never seen a scorpion so person who said that it very very 'special'. The very few tornados that ever occur right here are so weak you cam shake hands with them. It is almost always sunny and being high elevation the sun can be intense even when only 85 degrees. Today it is January 28th and 66 degrees at 12:30 pm. The one thing people neglect to mention is it is very very dusty here especially if you live in West or North areas where all homes are on 1 acre lots or larger and there are many empty lots. That does lead to it being very quiet though and little traffic. You will get noise from military with low flying aircraft and artillery firings. It isn't every day, but some days it can seem irritating if you are sensitive to noise. The artillery can just barely vibrate windows and sounds like someone closing door somewhere in house which takes a bit to get used to. The low fly overs are worse since recent ok for 300 foot military flights in this area. The north side has less flights but then you are closer to artillery firings. Anyone who owns a snowblower here is insane. I have only had to shovel snow once per year and that is only in shaded porch area to scrape off melting snow turning to ice. We get snow but it melts within 36 hours on roads and concrete such as driveway. But then you still have awesome beauty of snow in the Wet Mountains. Hard to find an acre lot,3/2/2 newer home, 300+ days of sun, large State Park+Lake within 5-10 minutes, and mountain views anywhere else for under $200,000 but here you can easily do that. The crime is another issue as anyone who lives here will almost inevitably have to go to Pueblo which has probably worst violent crime rate in all of Colorado - almost twice as bad as Colorado Springs and 42% increase in 3 years. Then the Pueblo West jurisdiction lies with county sheriff who is a thug and crook and only in office because thugs and crooks are the only cops who get on ballot. SERIOUSLY! Crime in Pueblo west is low except on South East side which is the area of less than 1 acre properties but the future doesn't look promising and could go any direction.
jon | Pueblo, CO
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