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The best of both worlds
Star Rating - 7/1/2019
After living all around the U.S. I have not been able to find another city like Houston. The city retains a small town identity, despite being a large cosmopolitan city with the amenities and attractions to compete with any city in the States. The city boasts world class museums, performance centers, sports teams and a booming nightlife. These modern day attractions make up for its lack of landmarks or historic buildings.

The city is rapidly growing and the downtown area is evolving into a lively Urban Center. The surrounding neighborhoods “inside the loop” have unique identities that create a diverse environment with a place for any type of resident or tourist.

Houston is the energy and healthcare capital of the United States. It’s strong economy produces an abundant number of high income jobs. This economic prowess is evident in the large number of luxury developments that are booming all over Houston especially in the western portion.

I believe there is a place for anyone in Houston. whether you are looking for an urban playground, a quiet suburb or a quirky neighborhood there is a place for you in Houston.

That being said, the suburbs outside of the city are soulless and I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy.

Davie | West University Place, TX
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