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The stats are deceptive
Star Rating - 3/5/2015
If I were you I wouldn't put much faith into the crime stats for this city. I personally know of a few major crimes and several assaults that were NOT prosecuted by the Adams County DA and the Thornton, Colorado police department. Abuse and exploitation of the elderly that contributed to the death of a loved one is the major crime. The evidence was insurmountable but still nothing being done. There were photographs of the vicious abuse, the victim's statements, and many records of financial and general neglect (dozens of trips to the ER for "falls"). The same accused person assaulted my mother as well! Thornton, Colorado police are pathetic. I've lived next door to a cartel drug house for several years and they don't do anything about that as well. I find dime bags with dollar signs on them in the street, all sorts of traffic, 8-9 trash cans every trash day, loud music, several large aggressive pit bulls, and security cameras around a mobile home. Not to mention high end cars and trucks that "live" there. Its pretty obvious when several 40-65k vehicles are parked outside of a 7k mobile home. The irony is the fact that Thornton code enforcement wont miss a chance to drive around and give people citations for minor stuff like building a shed without a permit or a car in your driveway that isn't properly tagged. Its all relative though. If you're coming from a city in the deep south, Thornton, Colorado's crime rate is great by comparison. ...but if you expect a utopia...keep looking.
John | Thornton, CO
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