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a box I can afford
Star Rating - 9/30/2016
I would like to move to Pueblo, my company will not give transfers with an automatic raise because they are bound corporate HR policy which states " no employee is allowed to progress at the expense of the company " . My base Salary is 48 K a yr could I afford a box or a closet in Pueblo ? will I have to be Bi-lingual ? I only know how to yell at children and spouses in Spanish. Is it mandatory that you must own a Harley to live there ? is there a 24 hour restaurant or Walgreens ? is there a local micro brew pub ? what time do people normally get up on Sunday ? is there pressure to use marijuana even if you don't wanna ?
joe | El Paso, TX
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there's meth. probably weed too.
Andrew | Colorado Springs, CO | Report Abuse
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