Review of Lead, South Dakota

Really Good place!
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
Ok, this was a favorite place of mine too. Little Lead, SD - what a gem!

I had an apartment here so was able to find good housing. I was still having "church wars"with Catholics, so had some issues with that here too.

But overall, I played classical guitar here. People were fairly welcoming and encouraging.

Its a little difficult to get around in - they don't call it the Black "Hills"for nothing! UP and down - steep, steep hills! Part of the city is build on steep hills. It can be a challenge!

Its connected fairly closely with Deadwood, SD too. Deadwood is another pretty, historic place. Tourist destination mostly in the summer. Also a nice place, and I liked the people!

I think it treated me fairly and that is saying A LOT! I did like it here, considered going back and am invited to go back there too. Don't know if I will though.

One drawback was the Sturgis rally in August. So a little quaint, quiet sweet town explodes beginning in about June and through to maybe about October.

It quadruples in size and its not built for it. So I left about the time that was going on.

Beyond that though, and especially if you want a winter place to stay that is just pleasant with great people - check it out.

I did love the welcome I received and it was a good place which I was happy to call home.

If I went there again, I would not go to the Catholic church. However, they did have a better Catholic parish there - I'll give it that much.

I have had huge religious struggles and that's tainted where I've lived. I'm out of that now.

But the people in general were great. I heard there were drugs and problems, but I really did not have any issues with it while I was there (and I don't get involved in that anyway).

It was home. I was happy to call it home - even though I was having grief from my divorce.

It would be interesting to try again now that many things have changed. But I doubt I will. Its a consideration though.

Thank you Lead, SD for welcoming me. I will remember you fondly always.
Brenda | Wichita, KS
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