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Review of Wichita, Kansas

Wish I could say better but....
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
I really wish I could give Wichita a good review. Its been my home for 6 months now. Its about to be my ex home - I have a job offer elsewhere.

Its been hard. I have analyzed the reasons for it, and come up with some interesting facts about Wichita.

First of all, the division between rich and poor is HUGE. So if you have a lot of money, are married (or single with a lot of money - preferably male), you will be welcomed with open arms here.

But if not, if you are like me, just looking for a place to rebuild after a lot of hurtful life situations, stay away from here (really).

They disliked me from Day 1. I honestly just came in, in peace, rented an apartment and thought I'd be fine. I hold a Bachelor's degree, Most of a Masters in Education (special Ed), and usually the schools snatch me right up!

Not here. Nobody snatched me right up! Despite the fact that I am very mainstream, I was treated very badly and this does continue, although being vocal about it has helped some.

Its been a daily battle just for fairness from Day 1. Here are some causes I have discovered:

1. The area is very homogenous - many people have never lived anywhere else (I was very surprised!). So they literally know no other way - I find this sad, myself, since I've lived in some good places.
2. They do favor the rich - Social class is a big, big deal here! BIG - trust me.
3. The State of Kansas has many political problems and corruption spills over into many places. Even decent, stable citizens here admitted this to me, and so when I have to deal with Education (government run), I ran into problems.
4. Its a low cost of living, but anything like licensing, work, etc is all hidden and high fees. My theory (just my personal theory) is that its to keep the poor, poor. (this is a big deal here)
5. The city does not prohibit helping the poor or even homeless (I am not homeless though). But I wonder about a place which says it values hard work - yet will not allow a person to be employed properly.
6. Abuse is everywhere here - I am single with no family, and not that affluent (although not destitute), so I have been a real target.

Highlights of my stay: My wallet with ID was stolen (I had to replace everything and did, but it was expensive), my car was tampered with and damaged, Police and fire Dept won't come when called (and are not available on weekends and evenings), I have had "church wars"between denominations (which I am getting tired of), and church is BIG here too - if you not religious, this won't work).

I was denied medical and still am here - I had to travel 60 miles away for a Dr. I have insurance (legit and most places has been fine).

I also was hired 60 miles away but its hard for me to go, since its been hard for me to make money here.

Pluses? People are friendly - very. In fact, guard your privacy, they do try and get in your business but I am pretty open anyway.

But they are nice folks - there are some real honest people here, but there are some thugs too!

Drugs and crime is high. Its know as top 10 for suicide in the nation, and I read online that its one of the most depressing places in the nation.

I also tried another town in Kansas, same thing only worse. I think honestly its the way the State is run, sad to say.

Yeah, there are good people and I do love many. It will break my heart to leave, yet I will be relieved as well.

Brenda | Wichita, KS
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Lot's of self pity in this rendition. I don't know where this individual lived while she/he was here, but can't image any place in Wichita that would be so down as described. Since until recently the public school systems were experienced money--terrible money--problems, this individual obviously didn't pay attention to the headlines; and if they were unable to get a job, they didn't pay attention. I have lived the majority of my life in Wichita. I am public education educated as well as college level (Bachelor of Science, Computer Science). I have lived in Houston (OH Lord don't give me a soapbox), Kansas City metro both north and south of the River, Jackson County and Johnson County; Memphis TN (again OH Lord don't give me a soapbox), 29 Palms CA (talk about hot!); Palm Springs CA (let's talk about snobs). I came back to Wichita because my husband was transferred back here (I don't know why we left in the first place but sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do). For all the time distance, the more that changed, the little that changed.
a | Wichita, KS | Report Abuse
- 9/10/2018
Some great places in this state with potential.
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- 1/30/2018
Live here at your own risk
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