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Good place to live move to Gainesville,Ga.
Star Rating - 7/30/2012
I moved to Gainesville,Ga in 2010 from NYC and I have found it's a great place to raise your childrens and a good quality of life.It's a good place to live. Gainesville has a strong job market. The area is surrounding by Lake lanier and the city set at the foothills of the mountains.
phillip | Gainesville, GA
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- 7/6/2015
inflated self-assessment
Don't know if it is the proximity to Atlanta that keeps prices high or the rural/frugal th...
theo | Gainesville, GA | No Replies

- 5/1/2009
Great Place
This is a great place to live if you like the country feel and enjoy all 4 seasons. Nice p...
Charles | Gainesville, GA | No Replies

- 9/29/2008
Gateway to the Mountains
My wife and I lived in Gainesville for a year in 2005 we found a small but growing city w...
Thomas | Leesburg, FL | No Replies

- 9/29/2008
Gainesville GA Gate way to the mountains
My Wife and I moved to Gainesville in 2005.We found a small city with a good industrial ba...
Thomas | Leesburg, FL | No Replies

- 8/9/2007
Fast growing but low profile
Gainesville (and more accurately Hall County) is the 7th fastest growing county (2000-2003...
David | Gainesville, GA | No Replies

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