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Austin is still a good place to live
Star Rating - 12/12/2021
I've lived in Austin over 20 years, and yes it has changed drastically, as all fast growing cities do.
But I think it is unfair to compare Austin against it's past self instead of against other cities it's current size.
As far as that goes, it is a very good place for professionals due to a large number of jobs and booming economy with companies moving here like crazy.
The people here still are respectful and considerate of others for the *most* part. You can find rude people anywhere, of course. I will say drivers have gotten much ruder and stressed out and impatient due to traffic. It doesn't feel very safe driving around Austin. If you are able to WFH, then Austin traffic won't be a big deal for you. If not, try to live near your job for sure.

Lots of educational opportunities here for all ages. I homeschooled my child and loved living here for that, as there were TONS of choices and groups for homeschoolers across the spectrum from conservative to liberal, secular and religious. Great diversity and tolerance for the most part as people in Austin I have found to be generally open-minded no matter where they fall on the spectrum. Not all, but many people here are "live and let live" and"to each their own" mentality.
I think this may stem from the large number of college-educated people in Austin due to large number of universities. As one does generally learn to accept diverse opinions and ways of looking at and living life in college. If everyone thought the same way, no progress would ever happen as nobody would ever have a new idea.
Also, there are several state parks near Austin for nature lovers. McKinney Falls can get crowded now, so I like to go to Pedernales Falls, or to the state and LCRA parks in/near Bastrop. But there are plenty of weekend nature trips you can take within a 2 hour drive, and then there is the beach 3-4 hours away depending on what part of Austin area you live.
I don't really know what people find so fabulous about the food here versus other cities, as I think there is much better restaurants in Houston and Dallas, but I guess that's just me. I guess if you like food TRUCKS, then yes you have a selection.

It has grown too fast to keep up with housing, and infrastructure. It's been the fastest growing area in the US for years with no let up on people moving here, so that is to be expected. So don't expect cheap housing/rent. Also, if you want to go to any events like outdoor festivals and things, it is going to be extremely crowded and lots of traffic to get there. Families are better off going to nearby small towns for outdoor things on weekends to avoid that.
People will always complain about the hot summer and forget the trade off is the lovely fall and winter weather. I go hiking almost every day in December. Can't do that in places with mild summers unless you like hiking in snow. I feel like given there are not really much other weather or natural disaster issues to deal with here - no California and west coast fires, very little flooding, very few tornadoes, no hurricanes like the coast, no earthquakes, and no brutal winters, and an amazing number of sunny days - that putting up with a few months when you have to stay in the A/C and do your walks early in the morning or after dark is not a bad trade off.
HOWEVER, you may have terrible allergies here as many people do. So, that is something to consider.
I still plan to move simply because I have been here so long and want to live somewhere new. But overall, having traveled to and lived other places, Austin is not a bad place to make a living and enjoy a life. Hope this helps.

Allie | Hornsby Bend, TX
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