Review of Burlington, Massachusetts

Excellent town for all ages
Star Rating - 2/24/2020
I've lived this town for almost seven years now, and it's honestly great. Burlington is a corporate heaven, which may seem terrible on the surface, however a majority of neighborhoods are located far from highways and large company buildings. As such, you reap the benefits of lower property tax as the tab's picked up by huge companies like Simon, Microsoft, and Oracle. Brand new elementary and middle schools, although I will say that the high school is FUBAR and absolutely disgusting. Half of the classrooms actually have windows, and while I give infinite props to the custodial staff, a building this old (and designed by a prison architect) cannot be nice. It's built on conservation land as well, which means we have to deal with the building till it croaks, but the actual education quality isn't half bad. Crime is all but negligible, your average person is nice, and the environment is racially diverse. Can't complain.
Eliot | Burlington, MA
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