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Peace of mind
Star Rating - 11/19/2010
Though I keep my house locked up, I frequently find myself neglecting the car locks without repercussion. When I left my IPhone in the restroom at the airport a stranger returned it. It's nice out where the handclasp's stronger, the smile dwells longer, where there's more singing than sighing and more giving less buying.
Dean | San Angelo, TX
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I love what you have written here, much of why I miss Texas. While I find Texans very honest, down-to-earth, genunine folks, would you say a newcomber would feel welcome and included? Thanks! : )
Elizabeth | Columbus, OH | Report Abuse

I moved to Amarillo, Texas from California. And even with my tattoos and obviously not conservative demeanor, I was always treated wonderfully by nearly everyone I've met in Texas, from Amarillo, to Abilene to College Station. That's why I've decided to live in Texas for the rest of my life; no matter your politics or religion, the people are the nicest I've ever met. And I've lived in CA, NV, WA, OR, WY, and ID!
frank | Kennewick, WA | Report Abuse

Elizabeth, from my experience Texas is welcoming to just about anyone. I think it is the ones who come here with a chip on their shoulder about "closed minded" viewpoints that feel the most out of place. I think the key to being happy in Texas is just accepting people for who they are, and accepting their warmth and welcoming nature with no strings attached. You don't have to talk religion and politics with everyone, and you don't have to trumpet your own views.
frank | Kennewick, WA | Report Abuse
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