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Going Downhill
Star Rating - 2/4/2018
When we moved into Citrus Heights 7 years ago, it felt like it was on the upswing and we were comfortable taking daily walks through many neighborhoods. Now, we find petty thefts, car break-ins, and drug paraphernalia (and/or regular trash) on the ground make our walks feel much less safe and pleasant. Homelessness is increasing, and the squeeze of the California real estate/rental market means that the median income of people moving into the city has decreased. When I shop at Sprouts, I'm always wary of being approached in the parking lot by someone looking for a handout. There are no good non-chain restaurants nearby, so we have to go Roseville, Folsom, etc. And the hot weather is terrible, but that's true for the whole Sacramento area.
Steve | Citrus Heights, CA
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Citrus Heights is OK
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- 1/17/2007
better than expected
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- 6/6/2006
Citrus Heights
The city itself is Fairly new and people tend to be a bit more on the conservative side. R...
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