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Pretty to visit, come with a well paying job
Star Rating - 2/24/2020
Come here with a well paying job lined up already and prepare for rain, but more of a misty rain, not real rain. I've lived in several cities across the US and they all have their own pros and cons, this is only my opinions compared to other places I have lived.
The job market in Portland is odd in that there are plenty of jobs but not plenty of well paying jobs to offset the cost of living. Consequently you have a large population base that would love to have everything for free. On the other hand, there are a few large employers who do pay well, if you can get in the door. These are the same companies that have large legal departments that get them out of paying the large amount of taxes levied on the smaller businesses and employees in Oregon. If you enjoy the outdoors, there is no place prettier then the gorge when its sunny. So you have 3 months of the year when everyone that owns a camper gets to a campground every weekend. Lots of hiking to enjoy. A freezing cold coast line which is pretty to look at, but you probably wont be swimming in it. Same goes for the rivers and lakes. People who have been in Portland for a long time love it, but also are very introverted, which makes sense being that the weather is well suited to stay indoors and drink coffee. Lots of people moving in from out of state to add some diversity. The tunnel separates the weirdness of portland from the suburbia of hillsboro-beaverton areas. I like it for the most part, but I dont have deep roots here, so I can take it or leave it. That being said, tons of younger people move here (Ive never seen a city with so many 30 something waiters or baristas), but with the cost of living, they will never be able to save enough to buy a house or save for retirement one day, it just costs to much to do so. Hope this helps in your decisions on where to live.
Kris | Aloha, OR
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