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Star Rating - 7/6/2009
hello, I'am a 22 year old single mother who is looking to move to new york to be closer to my sister...i need to be placed in a metro home until i can get a job and afford my own home....i'am pregnant and due in january,2010..if you could please help me find were i can sign up or get ahold of someone to get on the waiting list i would greatly appriciate it
your friend from ohio,
Heather Morrow
Heather | Bellefontaine, OH | Send Message
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- 6/15/2018
Nice quiet town but many small town issues
I don’t live there but visit on occasion. Very quiet town. Ran into a white out blizzard w...
Ronald | New York, NY | No Replies

- 11/7/2008
Watertown, NY
As a city primarily filled and flourished with military families, Watertown is a decent pl...
Jaymes | Watertown, NY | No Replies

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