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City of Rocky Mount
Star Rating - 7/24/2006
The City of Rocky Mount has a stronghold on its utilities customers and is slowly but surely causing the decline of a growing population. Utility rates are at an all time high and there are obvious spikes in the coldest days of winter and the hottest days of summer. The City Council Members are rubbing elbows with the The City and together are trying to destroy the very foundation this town was built on - the blue collar workers and the mom and pop businesses that held it together all these years. I was born and raised here and were it not for my elderly parents who still live here, I would have long been gone. About the best I can do now is move OUTSIDE the City of Rocky Mount limits and make sure the City of Rocky Mount doesn't get any of my hard-earned money. To anyone considering moving here, DON'T - this town has NOTHING to offer you but high taxes and utility rates, low wages, a corrupted City Council (white and blacks alike) and the shame and embarrassment of living in a town with no conscience or morals.
Abhd | Battleboro, NC
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- 11/20/2020
Rocky Mount Sucks
Anarchy. Not a good place to live. People drag race up and down the roads at all hours whe...
Ron | Rocky Mount, NC | 1 Reply

- 3/16/2013
Seriously, this is the TRUTH about Rocky Mount
Okay, I'm writing this review because I use this site a lot. I think there's some mis-info...
Dawn | Rocky Mount, NC | 1 Reply

- 1/17/2011
What should I do
I move from Washington DC to rocky mount nc nov2008 and I sold my home in Dc and brought a...
Derrick | Rocky Mount, NC | No Replies

- 12/8/2009
I have lived in Rocky Mount for just shy of 2 years now and I can't wait to get out of her...
Gregory | Rocky Mount, NC | 1 Reply

- 9/5/2009
life in rocky mount
i have lived here for two years and witnessed the rapid fall of hte cities values. its har...
Andrew | Rocky Mount, NC | 1 Reply

- 2/17/2009
Living in Rocky Mount
I live in Rmt and I will be moving in a few months. I have a two bedroom apartment and my ...
teka | Rocky Mount, NC | 1 Reply

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