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A nice little town
Star Rating - 9/4/2008
I moved here from Northern California to go to West Texas A&M. The town is "dry" (doesn't sell alcohol in the city limits), so there are no bars. Not a whole lot of traffic, and Amarillo is a short ten minute drive. Many of the buildings and businesses are older, giving Canyon a historic feel. As far as rentals go, there's not much above lower end apartment complexes, and some of the homes for rent are substandard. The cost of living is low, but I think people would be willing to pay a bit more for nicer homes and apartments. The town doesn't really feel like a college town; it's so quiet. Just a mile or so south of the University the landscape returns to countryside (like all the outer sections) and the wide, flat view is actually very pretty.
Compared to California, the people are nicer and more neighborly, traffic is lighter and less aggressive. The pace of life is just slower. For some, that might equal boring. There's not a lot to do in Canyon, and not much more to do in Amarillo (which feels more like a suburb of a city than the biggest city in North Texas). Overall, the place is great for nature lovers and people looking for country style living. For parties and the night club crowd, this area will drive you crazy with boredom.
frank | Grass Valley, CA
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- 6/5/2018
Canyon still small town but Growing fast
Have lived in Canyon for over 15 years. Planned on making this our retirement home 12 year...
Blair | Canyon, TX | No Replies

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