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Disappointed in Colorado Springs.
Star Rating - 9/20/2019
Eh - Recently moved to Colorado Springs from Denver to get away from the high Cost of Living, Crime, Congestion and the Crowds.
We were wrong for thinking this place was any better
As the saying goes out of the frying pan into the fire.
There was recently a drive by shooting less than a mile away and another shooting later that night in the same vicinity.
Cost of housing has skyrocketed to near Denver levels as well.
There are alot of neighborhoods that dont have an HOA and houses have overgrown weeds and trash in their yards.
Traffic and congestion is nearly as bad as Denver was.
Electricity and Water are much higher than anticipated.
Doubt if we stay here very long and already looking elsewhere to relocate.

Ray | Colorado Springs, CO
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I agree and I want to add that according to the Apartment Rent Report (google it), Colorado Springs rents as of 10/19 are growing 3-4% annually- almost triple the national average. Colorado Springs is one of the fastest climbing rental markets in the US with Denver area, Vegas and Phoenix. Colorado Springs could be as expensive as Denver here soon.
Jason | Denver, CO

Lol... "There are alot of neighborhoods that dont have an HOA..." There aren't enough neighborhoods WITHOUT an HOA. I pay $161 a month in a ghetto-esque Town House complex that can't keep the walks or drives clear of snow and ice, can't keep the fences repaired, can't enforce anything about leashless charging dogs, CONSTANT barking dogs, or dog crap left everywhere, can't enforce anything about repeated late-night police visits to a residence about gunfire, can't maintain a sprinkler system that breaks and GUSHES water for the entire summer (even during water restrictions), can't enforce any semblance of a noise restriction (loud music/parties/screaming neighbors), can't enforce parking restrictions with cars parked on sidewalks and out into the main drive preventing two-way passage yet will tow you in heart-beat if your tags are 1 day expired... all of this "can't" yet somehow they need to raise the fee EVERY year. Not surprising I guess, since somehow the roofs need to be re-done every year, causing both my mortgage (insurance) and HOA fees to go up... EVERY YEAR. Before this residence, I lived in a sparsely populated "neighborhood" in the foothills of the Huajatolla mountains. Another HOA environment. Ridiculous fees for an unkempt dirt road. Today I look for a neighborhood with NO HOA, but find it difficult. They're everywhere. It's the perfect scam. Forced to pay for a service you didn't ask for, only to find the "services" doesn't benefit you in the least. Want an HOA? Go to California. That's probably where you're originally from anyway.
Thor | Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado springs has growing pains, it needs more smiles Sharon -from Denver been Colorado springs 10 years
sharon | Colorado Springs, CO
- 8/3/2019
No going back
I've lived here 3 different times due to my work. Every time I've gone back it has grown ...
D | Colorado Springs, CO | 1 Reply

- 5/13/2019
Going downhill
I've lived here for 15 years. You need to update your average price of a home because it ...
Becky | Colorado Springs, CO | 1 Reply

- 4/14/2019
There are better places for sure.
Not the worst city, but certainly not the best either. People are rude...Hillbillies at be...
JR | Peyton, CO | 4 Replies

- 3/18/2019
It's not that great
Moved here in 2017, the cost of living has skyrocketed, the traffic gets worse every day, ...
Maria | Cimarron Hills, CO | No Replies

- 2/10/2019
Awesome or Horrible depending on the neighborhood
I bought a house in Colorado Springs, on Cheyenne Blvd, about a mile from S. Nevada, in 20...
Jonathan | Colorado Springs, CO | No Replies

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