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Nothing Like La Quinta Living
Star Rating - 8/3/2017
I've lived here nearly 15 years. Life in La Quinta is special. No, it's not like at the coast. Here, it's relaxed. You can enjoy beautiful blue skies nearly 350 days out of the year. If you're a foodie, La Quinta and the surrounding communities have almost every type of food. Heck, some of the best Chinese food this side of San Francisco is here. Summers here a chillax. Swimming is a daily thing. Winters are mild as mild can be. Sit around an outdoor fire and stargaze. Oh, it's small town with big gusto.
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- 7/7/2016
Paradise 7 months per year
My wife and I have lived in La Quinta, CA for 16 years. Over these years we've seen a trem...
Richard | La Quinta, CA | No Replies

- 10/14/2008
Prison, Sand-Box Style
Single women beware: The best investment you can make in spinsterhood, outside of San Fran...
Abhd | Indio, CA | No Replies

- 5/31/2008
La Quinta Life
The positive: - Winter days are great at around 75ºF. - Abundant sunshine. - New infras...
David | La Quinta, CA | No Replies

- 10/9/2007
Its hot in the summer and swarmed with old farts i
120 in the summer and all the snowbirds in the winter. It was nice 5 years ago but the job...
stephen | La Quinta, CA | No Replies

- 7/9/2006
How is it?
How bad is crime around here? Any crime stories?...
Ma | La Quinta, CA | No Replies

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