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The only people who love it never lived anywhere e
Star Rating - 8/21/2006
I was born in Dallas and have lived here most of my life (I'm 37). Stuck here because of my ex-husband's job and now I feel I need to stick around because of my aging parents and new husband's job. Here's the truth about this place: the only people who adore this hellhole are the ones who have never traveled outside of the state, or think that it's Utopia because they can get a McMansion for cheap. Everybody LOVES their big houses and their big SUVs here! It's viciously hot in the summer - that's April through September - with everything rapidly turning from green to brown as it dies off around July so it looks like a barren wasteland. If you like the outdoors or beautiful surroundings you'll especially find it depressing. No places to hike, no views to gaze upon, and the only water around (the lakes) are nasty, muddy places overrun with hillbillies on jetskis. Dry land isn't any better...I've traveled to many states and have never seen as much trash on the sides of the roads as I've seen here. And speaking of roads, everyone here seems to think they own it (especially the truck and SUV owners which is the majority). Every day I see people cut off, swerved around, honked at, flipped off, and worse. I guess it must make everyone edgy to have to drive an hour or more to get anywhere in this ever sprawling Metroplex. So much for hospitality, folks, it doesn't exist here. I'm sure my fellow Texans would hang me in the highest tree if they heard me bashing our "precious" state, but I figured all of you out there should hear the ugly truth. If all you're looking for is a big, cheap house and possibly a better job, then by all means come to Dallas/Fort Worth!
Ann | Fort Worth, TX
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Ann, I disagree as much as possible. I've lived in Washington state, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and California (San Bernardino, Banning, Beaumont, Victorville, Palm Springs, Grass Valley and Cabazon to name a few). DFW area is nicer than all those places combined. The people are nicer, drive with more courtesy, the plains ARE beautiful, the cost of living is affordable and some people LIKE the hot weather (beats the freezing temps of Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Reno, Nevada anyday) and endless rain of Oregon. If you actually had lived as many places as I have, maybe you'd appreciate Fort Worth a little more.
frank | Kennewick, WA | Report Abuse
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Texas for life!
Ryan | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

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Meh still texas
I would like this place a lot more if it wasn't in Texas...
Ryan | Vancouver, WA | 1 Reply

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