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highest taxes and electric in state! Run!!!!!!!!!!
Star Rating - 5/15/2020
Gainesville has the highest taxes and electrical rates in the state. The city is run by a bunch of liberals who have no idea what they are doing. Crime and homelessness are out if control.
T | Gainesville, FL
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Language that incites conflict and confrontation. Blaming liberals on the high rates. Says nothing about why it is not a good place to live, just blames it on others this person doesn't like. Doesn't help anyone decide to move there or not, unless they are of like mind. This site needs better feedback that is non-partisan and gives reasons and examples that are logical and contain information not politically driven.
Angieline | | Report Abuse

Thank you for telling the public about corrupt liberals. Ever since the pandemic our family has been trying to escape the tyrannical laws and oppressive environment of the liberals. I think this site is super helpful because of honest comments like yours. Politics is everywhere and it used to be civil but now I cant see myself living in a blue county that supports taking away my rights and freedoms. I have to know if the policies are going to turn blue for my children’s future
Nick | Denver, CO | Report Abuse
- 7/23/2021
One of the places in Florida
Lovely diverse city! People is nice and there is always something to do. Outdoors activit...
Mary | Gainesville, FL | No Replies

- 3/11/2019
Hell drug hell and corruption
I lived here 30 years. There was a time in the 90s when people stated it was bad but reall...
K | Vancouver, WA | 5 Replies

- 3/23/2017
A Quickly-Growing City Filled with Rich Culture
The city of Gainesville, FL has significantly changed over the past several years. Once a ...
Genevieve | Gainesville, FL | 4 Replies

- 1/27/2017
Gainesville: classic & timeless, young & eclectic
Gainesville, FL is such a unique, one of kind city. You have the University of Florida, a ...
Melisa | Gainesville, FL | No Replies

- 4/20/2016
Gainesville FL - great weather and great people
Gainesville has mostly sunny days. When it rains, it does so with enough gusto to quickly ...
GainesvilleFL | Gainesville, FL | No Replies

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