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Excellent Climate for gardening
Star Rating - 2/14/2012
We are just average home gardeners and having lived in Fountain Valley for over 40 years, my wife and I have found the climate excellent for growing nearly ever kind of vegetable and most kinds of fruit fruits found in North America. Because of the lack of really cold weather the "chill factor fruit trees will grow but not produce well"
There are some hybrid varieties of apples available that will produce good fruit but I have not found any cherry or pears yet.
James | Fountain Valley, CA
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- 5/20/2007
nice but expensive
fountain valley is nice but very expensive. Average home price will run you around $700,0...
brenda | Riverside, CA | No Replies

- 12/1/2006
Wonderful weather in wonderful city
The weather is very moderate year-around. Warm summers, comfortable spring-time, cool win...
Kevin | Fountain Valley, CA | No Replies