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Review of Denver, Colorado

Lived in Denver, now in Seattle, can't wait to mov
Star Rating - 8/1/2009
I lived in Denver before moving to Seattle a few years ago. If you have plenty of money and don't have to commute, Seattle is a great place to live(except for 9 months of gloom and drizzle). Here's my 2 cents:

Summer weather: Seattle beats Denver
Winter weather: Denver beats Seattle (I know some would disagree, but I would rather deal with the colder temps and more snow in order to have tons of sunshine; with the constant drizzle for much of the year, I feel almost as cold in Seattle during the winter).

Traffic: Denver beats Seattle (Denver has light rail although Seattle needs it ten times worse; I've heard there may be light rail completed 10 miles north of the city where I live by the year 2024!)

Cost of housing: Denver beats Seattle

Overall cost of living: Denver beats Seattle

BOTTOM LINE: Seattle is a great place to visit with lots of fun things to do, but if you want overall quality of life, the possibility to afford to buy a home, and not being stuck in traffic for hours every day, my pick is Denver.
Diane | Edmonds, WA
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