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Morristown is not heading in a great direction
Star Rating - 9/6/2007
My husband and I sold our home in Melbourne Florida, looking to relocate to a quieter community with a good quality of life. We have been right outside Morristown for three years and the cost of living is low,which is good. Homes are inexpensive here. However, Morristown is heading in the wrong direction. Economic growth is very slow and my husband and I have to drive almost an hour daily to have a decent job. Wages are terrible in Hamblen and Cocke county. We wish we never moved to the area.
The Mexicans have taken over due to lack of illegal immagration controlnd with that said the city lacks culture or diversity other than mexican culture. Employers are demanding that the heathcare workers speak spanish and pay only $7.00 hr-$8.00 hr.
So overall, this area is not advancing very quickly, but if rurals your thing Bybee, Morristown is right up your alley.
Jessica | Bybee, TN
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Jessica, I appreciate you opinion. For the working class, Morristown may not be as thriving as Knoxville, however, for those who which to retire and live on the lake, Morristown has a ton to offer. The mexican population is 6%, sure. In America, it is becoming a problem in general. I am not sure I see a reversal of this any time soon. Culture....sometimes you hav to look for it,but he Morristown Theater Guild is in its 74th year and the Rose Center offers cultural arts as well. Tennessee is what it is and it is what you make of it. Now, if you like nice restaurants, you will be surprised by what yo find in Morristown in the next year. The liquor by the drink bill will come up this November again. It missed by only 104 votes 4 yrs ago. Now that the Industrial Park is built (3 yrs ago) and all the people that are moving into Morristown area, I am certain you will see a change. I hope you have found a location that is more suitable to you and your family. My regards.
Bp | Bean Station, TN
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