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Do your research. Visit before you buy
Star Rating - 5/18/2019
Don't believe all the hype.
We travel a lot, domestic and international, and if a single day goes by that someone doesn't say "Oh, we LOVE Asheville" or "We are planning a move to Asheville" it is a rare day.
Asheville is trendy. It is bringing millions of tourists annually to clog the downtown streets (tourists looking at tourists looking at hotels). Trendy means expensive. Planning to visit and want to stay downtown? Figure $300-500 per night in season. Want to move here? Figure $300k minimum for a 2 bedroom 1 bath bungalow in a trendy area. Condos downtown $600k-1.5m with beer tourists peeing on your front walk at 2AM.
Do your research. Asheville is likely on the crest of a huge housing and tourist bubble. We rarely hear from tourists who visit who want to come back. Largely one and done.
Before you even think of buying here, come and stay for a minimum of a week. Experience the traffic. Experience literally zero available parking downtown on the weekend (wonder why virtually NO locals are downtown on summer weekends?)
Again, don't believe the CofC and tourist bureau hype. Do your own due diligence before you blindly jump on the bandwagon.
Chip | Asheville, NC
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Where do you live now? Just curious. Planning our move to Asheville and have been there multiple times. I will say its better visually and on paper from where we currently live now. So just wondering. My husband and I also travel a lot - through out the whole year, both domestic and internationally.
Lindsay | Scranton, PA

What they wrote is true. What has happened in many other states/cities has happened to AVL = The promotion and growth of this area is exactly what is eliminating its former virtues. Last year, for work we lived there one year (renting). Infrastructures are overloaded. Hendersonville Rd-25, i40 & i26, Sweeten Creek, Long Shoals backups. Too much growth not enough planning (except for more hotels). The current Real Estate market is a complete frenzy. From Weaverville N. down to Brevard S., Black Mnt E. & Canton W. A $250,000 budget could only buy1940s, 50s, 60, 70s junk houses/condos which needed huge amounts of work. Even these were quickly purchased by the cash investors for rentals or flippers to update and sell for more $$$. Sadly, you do not get a good value for your money in this market. I loved the climate, views, & the mnts, note: the BRP is always overrun with sightseers, bicyclist, hikers, etc. I loved the everyday S, AVL & meeting really nice people but the downside outweigh the ups.
Li | Casselberry, FL

We didn't and we moved here in 2005. Now we're hoping to leave in our 60-70s but hate Florida. May have to bite the bullet and go NE. (West doesn't do it for me...) All he says is correct. The changes have been drastic in a dozen years.
Gary | Asheville, NC

I was merging yesterday over to the left at Chunns Cove heading west and no one NO ONE would let me in (and I use blinkers). I had to gun it to get over after about a 1/2 mile. EVERYONE just sped up ... or ignored me. So your "snotty" comment is spot on. The way people drive everywhere is now an abomination, due mainly to the tanks they now are in (why not tailgate, I have airbags?) But Asheville is particularly annoying due to lack of infastructure. And they are about to widen I-26 from Hendersonville to Asheville, about 20 miles for TWO YEARS ... it's already bumper to bumper. I pitty anyone who is commuting.
Gary | Asheville, NC

You know what is wrong with Asheville? Miserable people with too much money who moved here from elsewhere and became miserable here. I grew up here in the ‘60s & 70’s and came back after college. I’ve watched the changes first hand. As a member of the First Families of Buncombe County, I’m sick and tired of beer drunks, ”trustafarians,” snotty people who drive like maniacs & drive up the cost of living, and people who throw their noses up at locals. You don’t like Asheville, great! Move away!
Lisa | Asheville, NC
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