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Born and raised till I was 14
Star Rating - 8/27/2009
1973 - 1987 Like any small town certain families have more pull. This was the case for what seem to even narrow more down to schools like Salazar & Dubose. It seemed at the time if you were part of any other schools than those two you were the underdogs. I am sure things have changed since then, but for me this was the feeling at the time. It always seemed as if the citizens were being left in the dark, and not motivated to be educated about who their local politicians were. I thought as a young kid this was very sad. I thought Alice could really be a high class cultured place if only there was more motivation from the politicians to be more invovled with their community and the citizens actually listening. Maybe it was like this at the time or maybe it was just my family that was not motivated. Never the less when I do go back to Alice from time to time, it is a very laid back town. Compared to San Diego Ca, Dallas/ Arlington Tx, Los Angeles/ Riverside / San Bernadino, area yeah, it is really laid back. Nothing wrong with this, not at all, it's nice to think of the few good times and memories I did have growing up there before we moved to Arlington Tx. For now I'm in the Marines, and if I decide to get out I am glad to know I can go back to my deep roots in a small town or if I just want to keep with this hustle and bustle enviornment. When I do talk about Alice I usually explain it as it is quite a unique place you have to go their to see what I mean. The best way to describe it is it is the real real South Texas. NOT SAN ANTONIO commercial tourist thing, Not the VALLEY, Brownsville, McAllen, Larado. South Texas to me is everything in between the Valley and San Anantonio. It is really a pleasant place, and yeah like any other town it has it's crime, but pleasant anyway. The Texas breakfast tacos, no business in California has came up with this idea. They have here burritos with your kitchen sink soaking it a pool of glob, huge fat burritos that just falls apart and becomes soggy after three bites, on the third bite you finally get to the contents of what you ordered after you just got threw chewing threw two bites of factory tortilla wrap, forget it, if you come to California your going to miss the Texas breakfast tacos unless you make them yourself. I can't belive the pride Californian's / American Hispanics/ Mexicans have in that, here is one tiny difference of South Texans and those Californias in taste and pride about food. Tex-Mex, Tex-Mex, yummy, yummy, yummy, but then again California has their fish, and assada tacos. I have to go now, have a good time in Alice today.
armandina | Joshua Tree, CA
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