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Alpharetta, GA vs Richmond, VA

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Reviews for Alpharetta    26 Reviews
Great city to live - 9/5/2019
I have lived in Alpharetta for almost 6 years. Great city, professional residents, high end neighborhoods, and of course beautiful shopping centers. The example is... Read More

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Meh. - 8/11/2019
I’ve lived in Alpharetta for 13y. I was initially excited and open-minded about living in the South. (We are from Chicago). The traffic is terrible. Urban planning... Read More

Alpharetta, GA - 10/24/2017
I live work and play in Alpharetta, GA. The standard of living is excellent. Housing is high end and affordable. Schools are highly rated. Amenities are top notch and... Read More

Reviews for Richmond    109 Reviews
Great for young families - 3/10/2022
Lived here for a year and it’s not perfect but it’s constantly improving now (areas redevloped, more businesses, job growth). Cost of living is great compared to... Read More

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RVA is the place to be - 10/25/2021
We love Richmond so much that when we talk about where we'd like to live if we could live anywhere in the US, we always come back to RVA. We live in the city proper... Read More

It's cool for what it is - 8/3/2021
I'm an out-of-towner but am coming up on 1 year in Richmond. I would summarize it this way: the best thing and the worst thing about Richmond is its location. I'll... Read More

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