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Charleston, SC vs Savannah, GA

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Are people in Savannah older or younger than people in Charleston?
- The Median Age in Savannah is 2.3 years younger than in Charleston.

Are housing costs cheaper in Savannah or Charleston?
- Savannah housing costs are 47.3% less expensive than Charleston housing costs.

Which city has a longer commute, Savannah or Charleston?
- The average commute for residents of Savannah is 1.9 minutes shorter than it is for residents of Charleston.

Things to do in Charleston?
Charleston, South Carolina is a vibrant and beautiful city located in the southeastern United States. Here locals and visitors alike can enjoy the city’s unique culture, architecture, food, beaches and historical sites. The city offers plenty of activities from taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through the streets of historic downtown to exploring one of the many museums or visiting some of the area’s popular attractions like Fort Sumter or Patriots Point. With its excellent schools, thriving businesses and plenty of recreational opportunities it's no wonder why so many people choose to make Charleston their home. There are also numerous dining options, shopping centers and entertainment venues available for those looking for some fun!

Things to do in Savannah?
Savannah, Georgia is a historic city located in the southeastern corner of the United States. Home to famous landmarks such as the River Street and Forsyth Park, visitors can explore culture and history at its finest when visiting Savannah. There are also plenty of museums, galleries, and performance venues such as SCAD Museum of Art. For entertainment, visitors can explore boutique shops and restaurants along with movie theaters and live music clubs. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting night out, Savannah has something for everyone!

 Charleston, SCSavannah, GAUnited States
 Median Income$76,556$49,832$69,021
 Median Age35.533.238.4
 Avg. Home Price$493,200$260,000$338,100
 Unemployment Rate4.0%5.4%6.0%
 Avg. Commute Time22.1120.1926.38

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Reviews for Charleston    76 Reviews

Over 1 years ago

Charleston is beautiful and unique and incredibly special. If you don't believe me, just ask Anthony Bourdain in his Parts Unknown episode - and he was an insightful  More

   |    Reply

Serious lack of health care and "good old boys club" whereby doctors will not even see the patient but diagnose them based on referring doctor. My sister died there for  More

   |    Reply

Over 4 years ago

Boy, has this once beautiful town changed...for the worse! I initially moved here 20 years ago because the people were so nice, no traffic, great choice of hospitals,  More

   |    Reply

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Reviews for Savannah    78 Reviews

Over 2 years ago

I've been to Savannah many times. It is where my wife grew up. The downtown is picturesque and historic. There's a great beach. The food is to die for. Supping on the  More

   |    Reply

My spouse and I moved to Savannah in fall of 2020 from our northern California home. But before we’re labeled as Californians driving up housing costs, let’s set that  More

   |    Reply

I’ve traveled extensively both in the United States and abroad. This is a beautiful city! No skysc****rs, great food, kind people, and the charm and historic splendor  More

   |    Reply

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